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Monday 26 August 2013

Development and Marketing Tips for Android App Developers

Today there are lots of scopes for Android app developers in app development market, situation is different than past, now they implement their skills into create something innovative in technology world. They move towards Android technology because is open source platform, developers can create fully featured applications with the help of its enough functionality.

To develop cutting edge Android application is not an easy task. But if android app developers develops with carefully and follow some helpful tips then it’s become such a easy task.Here some tips for Android app development:
  • Always keep updated yourself about Android SDK and other Android technology.
  • Brief and accurate knowledge of Android SDK is must be necessary
  • Always think as user and try to develop application which they really want.
  • First create layout of app then apply developing process
  • Develop user-friendly application; this will help your application to be easily accepted by users
  • Well designed application is attract users so make simple but attractive design of your app
  • Select unique concept for develop because already hundreds of apps created in Play Store
  • Try to include advance feature in app which not included in previous application
  • After complete the developing process always test that app and make it bug free
  • Run that app on real device before launch it or deliver to client

Android App Developers

Like Android app development marketing that app is also very important, because make their app popular around the world have to apply some marketing strategy. Described bellow some marketing tips for Android app developers.

 Important Marketing strategies:

Create Splash page:  Always create Splash screen of that apps with eye-catching graphics and short information about app. Use some SEO friendly words, add title and description in one or two line. This type of Splash screen helps to create interest in market place.

Set down appropriate Category: This is very important fraction of Android marketing. Select absolute category for application, its helpful for Android app developers to sell application more in app development market.

Create video of that app: Like unique designs and wallpaper having video of that app is also very important strategy for app marketing. Users always want to see what’s the new in app so create short video of running application. So, user can see before download or purchase tat application.

Socialization : It is very essential to spreading awareness among user. Share widely your application in well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Pintrest etc.

Be careful in price of app: It's very significant for Android app developers, if you want to put your app in paid category then set price of that app very carefully. Always check out market price and then set reasonable price. Because in case users find same application in low price then obviously they prefer purchase low priced application. 
Described above android application development and marketing strategy for Android app developers are very important, try to follow it to be successful developer and make your app successful to attract more and more user for use it.

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