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Wednesday 19 February 2014

SmartThings - Revolution to Automation

There are many devices available market which are Standalone devices and they need effort for competitors to build devices that can truly connect with each other. But SmartThings makes your every device connect together and give benefits. SmartThings also have smoke alarms, humidity, pressures and vibrant sensor to detect the changes in your home and alert you through smart phone.

You can also track who has entered in your home, turn on lights when you enter the house, shuts automatically windows, doors, and lights when you leave house.

What is SmartThings?
SmartThings is the platform of "Open Physical Graph". The Physical Graph is virtual and we believe that virtual representation should be open and easily accessible to all.

SmartThings is the first solution for Home Automation which is been dream with having idea of smart homes that would things automatically. Home Automation is the Easy, Open and Intelligent to be adopted.

 SmartThings kit:

Home Security: The Home Security includes everything that you should be alert, going and coming of your main door, turn on light in change of motion and react different to events.

Home Watch: Home watch used to know identify problems by knowing temperature, vibration, motion and moisture.

Family Life: Family Life helps to keep track of the comings and goings of peoples, as well as keeping safe from dangerous.

Architecture of SmartThings
The SmartThings has four layers architecture.

Presentation Layer: It's presentation layer for smartthings in the form of mobile application and Web IDE.

Cloud Connectivity: Its provide abstraction and intelligence layer, as well as web services that support
presentation layer.

Hub: its act like gateway for getting event & messages from cloud.

End Devices: It's connected to hub, or in some cases to cloud.

Within Cloud Connectivity there are four layers:

Connectivity: it's responsible for maintaining connectivity to hub and the mobile application.

Event Processing: This routes event from hub to Smart Apps which is subscribed to devices.

Application: It's provide Data Access Layer for data of user and devices and is responsible for execution of Smart Apps.

Services: its Provides services/API Application Programmer interface that supports mobile application and developers that wants to integrate from external systems using Smartthing API.

SmartThings is revolution to automation it's really helpful to us. Because of its abstraction intelligence we can save our electricity and can detect goings and coming in our doors. Also it has motion sensor which detect motion to turn light on & off. It just helpful to get updates on our Smart Phones.
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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Here is Tricks for Mobile App Developers to Promote Their Apps

Every mobile app developers wish for more downloads for their app within few days of launch. There are millions of apps available in Apple and Google store so, it's a challenging task that makes your app popular. For that you have to make excellent marketing strategy like other business otherwise your app left behind. Some developers are not familiar about promotion ideas. They just upload their app and wait for downloads and reviews, but how it's possible and how people knows about your app. Here compiled some tips which helps to attract more people towards download your app.

Kindly read below some tips about app promotion:

Develop user friendly app: The first and most important tip is always develop user friendly and unique. Never develop the same app which already developed or if you select same topic then include advance feature. People always find fresh application so always consider user requirement first its more beneficial for you.

Create app website: Another important part I am going to discuss is build website which mostly developers ignore. Its most useful tip, build one effective website and tell a story about your app with all the features. You can free to write brief description about your app. It’s also helps for link exchange and SEO so, your website become more popular in search engine. As per my opinion your website should be simple and attractive with well designed landing page. Swap banner add: After complete your website, exchange banner add with other app developer who has an app and website. Its helps to get free promotion on their website and allow them to promote their app on your website.  
Social Media: Share your app with social media is great option. Create profile on Face book, Twitter, Stumble upon, Pinterest, Delicious etc. Set regular based updates about app on all the social media sites. Join with relevant social group it makes your social connection strong.
Mobile App Developers

Make a Video: Video is perfect idea to demonstrate people that how your app amazing. Make small and effective video, upload it with your app and also share it on video sharing sites. Its best way to convince users for downloads your app.

Write effective Press release: PR is another best tip, write effective press release with brief description, attractive screen shots, video link, your website link, download link. Share it social networking sites and send personal mail to blog owners.

Discuss about app in relevant forum: Create profile in relevant forum sites. Discuss about your app in forum sites. Be careful in forum discussion because some forum admin does not allow promotion.  

Upload with effective icon & Screen shots: When you upload your app always remember that your icon and screen shots should be attractive. It’s the first impression on users. Another think is that always make your app free at launch because people always find FREE apps.

Submit app in app reviewed sites: Submit your app in different app reviewed sits, you will get downloads and review through this sites. Here listed some app reviewed sites.

The Daily App Show
Apple iPhone School

Hope you enjoyed all these tips for mobile app marketing and surely helpful to promote your app without spends money. Please mention remaining tips in comment which i didn't mention in this article so other readers will know about new tips.

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Monday 30 September 2013

How to Become an Expert In iPhone Games Development

Since the launch of the amazing device iPhone by Apple, it's become first choice of Smartphone lovers and getting huge popularity in all over the world. Today all we are depends on this little device to complete all regular as well as business tasks.  iPhone is not popular  in particular field but use of iPhone is increase in every field like education, business, news and  many more. Today people are also crazy behind playing game on iPhone.  It is is giving out of the box experience to players. So that today iPhone Games Development becoming flourishing industry.

Currently various categorized Games are available on App Store which developed by game developer. Game lovers always want advance features in game. Only expert developer can develop fully featured games which fulfill player’s requirement. Here described some tips which help to game developer in their iphone games development project.

Brief knowledge of iOS SDK: To become an expert it's necessary to having perfect knowledge of SDK. Because little knowledge of iOS SDK is not helpful in game development. But if you have a strong grip on SDK and understand all the iPhone gaming technology then you can develop attractive games for iPhone. Every game developer should be aware of iOS SDK.

Think Innovative:  People always want something innovative and advance features in games. So, never think about developing same as previous game, but always develop unique games which attract people to play it again and again. In this competition world of iPhone game only unique and innovative games are acceptable by people.
iPhone Games Development
Develop Bugs free games:  The another important point is that develop bug free game, game with lots of bugs is create bas impression on players mind and they ignore to playing this kind of games. After complete the development processes always test on real device and game should be compatible with all iOS device.

Internet connection:  If your game requires internet connection, and sometimes there is no network available, then inform the user if network is unavailable and test your game under no connectivity conditions, mostly try to develop that also working without internet connection.

Social Connection:  Social connectivity is beneficial for developers; Strong social connection is helps to make your game more popular among iPhone users. After develop game share it on social networking site and get more popularity.

Thus you can learn above the tips to become an expert in iPhone Games Development, another thing is that it is is easiest way to get more revenue click here for learn more about it.

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Friday 13 September 2013

iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C: Which Should You Buy?

If you're looking to upgrade your iPhone, it's the first time you have to decide between two brand new models: the iPhone 5S or the lower-priced iPhone 5C.

We don't have the right answer to which you should choose - it's all about picking what's best for your preferences, whether you're an app power user and crave more security features (iPhone 5S specialties) or want a cheaper option (the iPhone 5C would win here). The good news is both options are pretty solid.

Apple iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 5S
Image Courtesy:

Still, major differences exist between the two. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are similar in size, but the casing on the budget 5C is soft silicon rubber rather than anodized aluminum. Plus, the 5C comes in brighter colors - blue, green, yellow, pink and white - while the 5S is more subtle in gray, silver and gold.

But perhaps the biggest difference is the 64-bit mobile processor on the 5S, which has twice the performance of the iPhone 5C. If you're an avid gamer or app user, the 5S is your go-to. But then again, apps that take advantage of the full power likely won't hit the App Store for a while.

The iPhone 5S also has a lot of incentive for mobile photographers. The camera upgrades are significant, including a five-element lens, a larger sensor and more sophisticated image processing.

Another neat feature is the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S called Touch ID, which can replace the lock screen code. With the touch of a finger, you can bypass the log-in screen and even purchase items in iTunes. The sensor lives at the top of the touch home button. The iPhone 5S also touts a new CoreMotion API, which could lead to smarter health and fitness apps. If you live by those, the 5S sounds like a better option.

However, the iPhone 5C is nothing to scoff at - in fact, it's basically an iPhone 5 disguised in a fluorescent body. Sure, it comes with only a few upgrades - including improved FaceTime and support for more LTE networks - but it features virtually everything its predecessor had at a lower price.

For a full look at how the devices compare, check out the chart below. Which do you think is the better iPhone for you? Let us know in the comments.

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C
Screen Size 4 inches 4 inches
Resolution 1,136 x 640 1,136 x 640
Screen Type/ppi (pixels per inch) LCD, 326 ppi LCD, 326 ppi
Weight 3.9 oz 4.6 oz
Chipset A7 64-bit chip, M7 motion co-processor A6 32-bit chip
Storage 16GB, 32GB or 64GB 16GB or 32GB
Connectors Apple Lightning Apple Lightning
Operating System iOS 7 iOS 7
Battery (in milliamperes/hour) 1,434 mAh, LTE browsing time 10 hours capacity unknown, LTE browsing time 10 hours
Camera 8MP, True Tone dual-LED flash, burst mode 10fps, auto image stabilization, 720p HD video at 120fps slow-mo, f/2.2 aperture 8MP, LED flash, 1.2MP photos, 720 HD video recording, backside illumination sensor, f/2.4 aperture
Networking Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz and 5GHz), 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz and 5GHz), 2G, 3G, 4G LTE
Colors Champagne gold, silver, black White, pink, yellow, blue, green
Siri Yes Yes
Touch ID Yes No
U.S. Price (with 2-year contract) $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB $99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB

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Monday 26 August 2013

Development and Marketing Tips for Android App Developers

Today there are lots of scopes for Android app developers in app development market, situation is different than past, now they implement their skills into create something innovative in technology world. They move towards Android technology because is open source platform, developers can create fully featured applications with the help of its enough functionality.

To develop cutting edge Android application is not an easy task. But if android app developers develops with carefully and follow some helpful tips then it’s become such a easy task.Here some tips for Android app development:
  • Always keep updated yourself about Android SDK and other Android technology.
  • Brief and accurate knowledge of Android SDK is must be necessary
  • Always think as user and try to develop application which they really want.
  • First create layout of app then apply developing process
  • Develop user-friendly application; this will help your application to be easily accepted by users
  • Well designed application is attract users so make simple but attractive design of your app
  • Select unique concept for develop because already hundreds of apps created in Play Store
  • Try to include advance feature in app which not included in previous application
  • After complete the developing process always test that app and make it bug free
  • Run that app on real device before launch it or deliver to client

Android App Developers

Like Android app development marketing that app is also very important, because make their app popular around the world have to apply some marketing strategy. Described bellow some marketing tips for Android app developers.

 Important Marketing strategies:

Create Splash page:  Always create Splash screen of that apps with eye-catching graphics and short information about app. Use some SEO friendly words, add title and description in one or two line. This type of Splash screen helps to create interest in market place.

Set down appropriate Category: This is very important fraction of Android marketing. Select absolute category for application, its helpful for Android app developers to sell application more in app development market.

Create video of that app: Like unique designs and wallpaper having video of that app is also very important strategy for app marketing. Users always want to see what’s the new in app so create short video of running application. So, user can see before download or purchase tat application.

Socialization : It is very essential to spreading awareness among user. Share widely your application in well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Pintrest etc.

Be careful in price of app: It's very significant for Android app developers, if you want to put your app in paid category then set price of that app very carefully. Always check out market price and then set reasonable price. Because in case users find same application in low price then obviously they prefer purchase low priced application. 
Described above android application development and marketing strategy for Android app developers are very important, try to follow it to be successful developer and make your app successful to attract more and more user for use it.

 If anyone wish to get service in Android app development then contact us at Arth I-Soft, we provide best customize android app development service and also provide excellent mobile apps marketing service with affordable rates.

Monday 29 July 2013

How Mobile Apps Development Company Provides High Quality Solutions

The requirement of organizations or businesses to make an everyday network with their focus on market and it has offered increase to modern apps not just only for the online web but also for smartphones. The capability to move point has assisted apps to become popular by interesting the visitors definitely in comparing to different ways of offering details.

Even so, an app is demand to be exclusive and interesting to entice highest people. Hence, making an awesome concept is an essential stage that can build the way less difficult to accomplish the desired goals. In addition to that, an excellent strategy demands to be complete with the support of app professionals that can provide excellent benefits within predicted span of time. Thus, it is important to take help from mobile apps development company that can offer you the suitable way to carry on with your development ideas.
Mobile Apps Development Company
By getting mobile application development services, here we mentioned below some of important to develop modern type of business app.

Realizing the Market Scenario:

Mobile app programmer has complete expertise about the business applications. With the support of app programmers, each efforts use the development of mobile apps will prove to be helpful for the organization or business. The expertise and carefulness will support your businesses to make ideal investment strategies for their organization or business.

Creative imagination:

The innovative part cannot be overlook by programmers. They recognize that the look of an app is similarly significant as its features. Thus, they'll focus on innovative and technological factors to create the app crash facts and include innovative factor to interact highest users.


Working with a trusted company is the finest technique to get to the ideal source for your development task. The extremely qualified and powerful programmers will work collectively to enhance the outcomes according to your goals.

In addition to these factors, the support from professionals is critical because of the different difficulties engaged in the task. Although you're minimal on price, you can depend on top app development companies that offer endless solutions by looking at your demands and revenue. You will be expect to do a minor research about such a companies in an offshore area and then focus on your concept in depth to choose how they can convert your concept into an actuality.

For more information regarding how mobile apps development company provides high quality solutions then visit on now and make an inquiry.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Android Application Development - Accepted Trend in Current Era

Android is a familiar mobile operating system which helps developers to create unique and attractive apps for Android smart phone users. It is generally a Linux based mobile OS that arrives with a built-in Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android app development. This kit offers complete help to developers for android application development like evaluating app and De-bugging.

Let's see which reasons play vital role to make this platform very popular in developers and users.

To begin with, android operating system is an open source platform; you do not pay anything to obtain its certificate. Develop application with Android OS; it is of course secured and highly effective regarding performance. You can download this system and create custom mobile application as mobile app developer. Sell your android applications; it is the best option to earn money. Another large benefit provided by the android application development is that you can easily slot apps in the effortless manner, if required.

It is possible to develop various types of smart applications using Android OS like social, entertainment, banking, business, games, messages, navigation apps and many more. Using android business apps, entrepreneurs can share files easily, download important file quickly, create presentation, attend video calls and access office data from anywhere and anytime. Don’t worry about security of your important data because all these apps are user friendly and keep your data properly secured.

Android Application Development
If you are an android smart phone user and would like to get a customized application for your device, than pick up trusted android application development company, having skills in developing custom android apps. Not only this, the company must provide you accomplish tech guidance & problem solving services when needed. Developing android application is definitely such a complex task. Mainly when it comes to developing difficult applications that have complex features and functionality. So always prefer expert developer. Experienced android app developer will know all about the android operating system platform and about its features. They will help you get greatest possible benefits out of android OS features such as Wireless, WI-Fi, game playing, contact displays,3D design and many more.

Android Applications are playing most important role in our life. You will get tips about anything like traveling, about attending business meeting, our life become easy through these wonderful applications. So, choose android application and get best beyond your smart phone.

If you looking for professional android application development company than contact us at Arth I-Soft. We are superior mobile app development company in India, offering custom android app development service with reasonable rates and according to your needs.

Friday 5 July 2013

Importance of Mobile Apps Development in Current Scenario

The changes in the trends of the Smartphone also associated some modifications in the apps that are being utilized in the current day. The developers are significantly concerned to appear with impressive business apps that will support persons to maintain their business. Today Smartphone turned into extremely well-known simply because of their unique business apps. Their e-mails are regarded to be quite secure to be delivered over Wi-Fi connections. There are also unique apps accessible to secure the information sent over these types of connections.

There are numerous apps being developed which will allow the users to see movies online and take pleasure in their popular music while on the travel. Certain apps will help the customers to hold with web which will be gathering the information on various website. A Social networking sites like Face book and also twitter apps are extremely popular and persons today have began using it like never ever ahead of. The reputation of these software apps is increasing which motivates the programmer to appear with more shiny concepts.
Mobile Apps Development Company India
For this reason, the present situation it is possibilities to make smart money with impressive concepts and mobile apps development. “Arth I-Soft” which is one of the top leading mobile app development companies based in India provides best apps development services related iPhone / iPad, Android, Window based mobile phone and many more at affordable cost. One may be really pleasantly shocked that the recent mobile apps, iPhone and Android are intended only for the recent younger generation who put their primary focus on audience but no you may be incorrect old generation people also can use them for numerous requirements. New apps have not only helped the new younger generation of these days but also old generation as well. They should know that there are many useful apps are now available to find out the locations and many more useful apps are included in the Smartphone that make the life-style more easy.

Anyone can change on the application on their iOS gadgets and avoid them from switching it off also enabling them to uses the iOS system as a tracking system. Therefore, customer must ensure that if they wish apps for a mobile device then he must go for hire expert mobile app developer in the market. As a result, customer can get innovative apps with the affordable rates and that will improve performance as well.