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Wednesday 19 February 2014

SmartThings - Revolution to Automation

There are many devices available market which are Standalone devices and they need effort for competitors to build devices that can truly connect with each other. But SmartThings makes your every device connect together and give benefits. SmartThings also have smoke alarms, humidity, pressures and vibrant sensor to detect the changes in your home and alert you through smart phone.

You can also track who has entered in your home, turn on lights when you enter the house, shuts automatically windows, doors, and lights when you leave house.

What is SmartThings?
SmartThings is the platform of "Open Physical Graph". The Physical Graph is virtual and we believe that virtual representation should be open and easily accessible to all.

SmartThings is the first solution for Home Automation which is been dream with having idea of smart homes that would things automatically. Home Automation is the Easy, Open and Intelligent to be adopted.

 SmartThings kit:

Home Security: The Home Security includes everything that you should be alert, going and coming of your main door, turn on light in change of motion and react different to events.

Home Watch: Home watch used to know identify problems by knowing temperature, vibration, motion and moisture.

Family Life: Family Life helps to keep track of the comings and goings of peoples, as well as keeping safe from dangerous.

Architecture of SmartThings
The SmartThings has four layers architecture.

Presentation Layer: It's presentation layer for smartthings in the form of mobile application and Web IDE.

Cloud Connectivity: Its provide abstraction and intelligence layer, as well as web services that support
presentation layer.

Hub: its act like gateway for getting event & messages from cloud.

End Devices: It's connected to hub, or in some cases to cloud.

Within Cloud Connectivity there are four layers:

Connectivity: it's responsible for maintaining connectivity to hub and the mobile application.

Event Processing: This routes event from hub to Smart Apps which is subscribed to devices.

Application: It's provide Data Access Layer for data of user and devices and is responsible for execution of Smart Apps.

Services: its Provides services/API Application Programmer interface that supports mobile application and developers that wants to integrate from external systems using Smartthing API.

SmartThings is revolution to automation it's really helpful to us. Because of its abstraction intelligence we can save our electricity and can detect goings and coming in our doors. Also it has motion sensor which detect motion to turn light on & off. It just helpful to get updates on our Smart Phones.
Arth I-Soft is one of the leading smartphone application development company in India offers very comprehensive solutions regarding SmartThings apps development.

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